Monday, October 26, 2009

Beauty From The Heart

As I sit here typing my first post for this blog I just created, my head is spinning with so much that I want to say. So much that I want to share. I recently started selling Mary Kay to earn extra money for my family. I won't lie, we need the extra money. I am a wife and stay at home mom of 4 boys. We are a one income family and in today's world, that makes life more challenging. That is the honest truth. But I have always wanted to be involved with giving back to others. That is truly my heart. Then I started thinking, why can't I do both? Why can't I earn extra money for my family and help others? I got so excited! I have been having trouble sleeping lately because I just lay there thinking of all these ideas of how I can give back and help others. It truly warms my heart. And Mary Kay is the perfect way to go about this. It is a wonderful company that I am so proud to work with. Mary Kay Ash started this company to give women just like you and me the opportunity to succeed and encourage other women to do the same. I want to share with you a blurb from a tribute to Mary Kay from our website because it says it just perfectly: "Mary Kay Ash earned a place in history when she stepped out in a man's world to blaze a new path for women. Recognized today as America's greatest woman entrepreneur, Mary Kay created new opportunities for women around the world. Her revolutionary move led to a multi billion-dollar success. In the process, she earned a place in the hearts of millions for her giving spirit, unwavering values and inspiring belief in the power and potential of women." How awesome is that?!

In the days to come I will be telling you about the different charities and ministries that I will be donating to. I want you to be able to know about them and what they stand for. Some of them you may have already heard of and some may be new to you. I am starting off with a few that I will be donating to on a regular basis and my hope is that as my business grows, so will the charities and ministries that I donate to! And as I donate, I will post on this blog exactly how much I am giving and to who each time. It is my heart to share this experience with you. To give back WITH you.

I also am open to ideas that you may have to help my business grow. I am inviting all of you to be a part of this wonderful experience with me! And if you are interested at all in selling Mary Kay, please let me know. I would be happy to get you signed up. It really is a wonderful way to earn extra money, especially for those of you who may be a stay at home mom, for those of you who are looking to do something different and have more flexibility and it's also a GREAT way to earn extra money for the holidays. The month of October is the perfect time to sign up. They have dropped the sign up fee to just $50 (plus shipping and handling)!! You can't beat that!

So let's all give back to others together and look beautiful doing it! Mary Kay products are TRULY wonderful and they have something for everyone. For the products that are available right now, feel free to go to my website and look around. We have some GREAT offers right now!! Stay tuned for GIVEAWAYS!!


  1. Thanks for stopping by today! I would love to follow your new blog and from what I've read so far, you have such a great heart!

    That was my families first time to Rock City! I went as a little girl but now that we live in Nashville it's much more accessible! We're actually buying our annual pass hopefully this week!

  2. P.S. Would you consider Mercy Ministries?