Thursday, October 29, 2009

String Of Pearls

Well a couple of days ago I introduced myself to all of you to let you know about my new business venture! I'm so excited to be sharing it with all of you. My next couple of post are going to be highlighting some of the organizations that I am supporting. I want everyone to be familiar with them and why I am passionate about them. And if anyone has any questions about these organizations, or questions for me.....just ask! I'm here to be open and honest with each and every one of you.

The first organization that I would like to talk to you about is String Of Pearls. Some of you may already be familiar with them from reading MckMama's blog. That is where I first heard of them and once I went to their website and learned more about them, I fell in love with what they are doing. The following is their mission statement that is posted on their website:

String of Pearls was created to provide a nurturing and safe place for families as they navigate the path following a fatal prenatal diagnosis that will result in the death of their baby prior to, or shortly after birth. The path between grief and hope is a difficult place to walk; our desire is to provide guidance, compassion and practical suggestions as plans to honor the life of pre-born babies are crafted. Each life has a story worthy of telling and we are here for support as stories are lovingly written.

When I first researched what they were doing I sat and cried. Not because I have ever experienced anything to this magnitude, but because the emotion of possibly experiencing it was overwhelming. I have experienced the loss of a child. And the reason that I am sharing that is that I feel the life of that child, no matter how long he or she was here is important. I miscarried 11 years ago next month. I don't talk about it often, but I still have moments of wondering about them and who they would be if they were still here on this earth. It still makes my heart hurt. So, when reading about stories of precious families who had to deal with a fatal prenatal diagnosis, my heart hurt. My heart hurt for anyone and everyone who had experienced this or were going to. I love children. I love them with all of my heart and I know without a doubt that they are a gift from the Lord in heaven. And no matter how long they are here, their lives are precious and wonderful and have MUCH purpose.

I am truly in awe of this organization. You see, Laura, the founder and president of String of Pearls is not only heading up what I believe to be one of the most precious and awesome organizations, she is doing it from personal experience. I have much respect and admiration for this woman and her husband and I have never even met them. The services that they offer to families is incredible and completely selfless. And they do not charge for their services. At all. They rely on donations to be able to reach out to families in need. I thought about listing their services here on this post, but I think you would learn more about them if you visited their website yourself. So you can truly understand what they are doing and why I feel so passionate about supporting them.

My prayer is to be able to help support them on a regular basis. That God would bless my business so much that I can truly be a financial support for them to help families who need their services so much. I am so excited to be able to share this with you. My business is selling Mary Kay. I love it. I love their products, they are the best! I can say that I have truly tried MANY other products and Mary Kay tops them all. Please go to my website and place your order today! Or, if you have any questions about their products, I'm happy to help you place an order as well. There are products for everyone and every budget! Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about String Of Pearls. Please go to their website to learn more about them.

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