Monday, December 7, 2009

Holiday Giving!

Ok, so it's almost Christmas and people are shopping like crazy. It also happens to be a great time to help others out who aren't as fortunate as you and I. Specifically children who don't even have a home. There are so many children who need your help. Right now I am partnering with RICE ministries to help support 20 children at an orphanage in Pakistan who are in desperate need of food and clothes for Christmas. This is what I want to do, sell you wonderful product so I can give back to RICE to help make this happen for these great kids. You have a win, win here. You get to purchase awesome products that will last A LONG time AND you are assured that your purchase is supporting a wonderful cause. I will contact you personally to let you know how much your purchase is helping these kids...and TRUST ME it does help. You may think, oh how would one little purchase help? It helps a lot! And I'm also offering a FREE GIFT to everyone who spends $40 or more!! So, you get great product and a FREE GIFT for yourself AND you get to help some wonderful children who without you, won't have a Christmas at all. Won't you please join me during this time and truly make a difference for others? You may contact me with ANY questions that you have. I am happy to answer all of them and help however I can to bless these wonderful boys and girls. The above photo is an actual photo from a mission trip with RICE Ministries. If you would like to know more about RICE, please visit their website at

You may contact me through my website today!! The offer for the FREE GIFT is only through the 18th. I need ALL orders in by then to assure shipping in time for Christmas!! Please go to my website today!!

FREE GIFT! Satin Hands Travel Set!!!

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