Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When is a lipstick more than a lipstick?

Well I have done better this time. It's only been 2 months since I posted and not a year. I really do love to blog....a lot. I have a hard time balancing between hubby, 4 kids, running my business, church, etc. And taking time to blog, well it does just that, takes time. BUT....I do love it. So I really am going to try and be better about it. Do you believe me yet?! ;)

So here is what I have been up to. My recent fundraiser (still going on) is to help raise money for the wonderful people of Albania. I have a friend who is sponsoring them and has developed a deep passion for everyone in Albania. She visited there and came back with all sorts of stories that, of course, broke my heart. One of which is that domestic violence is extremely high there. But at this point, they have absolutely NO shelters at all. I can't imagine being in a domestic violence situation, much less not even having the choice to go somewhere safe. So I set a goal to sell 200 lipsticks for Albania. I know, I know.....sounds weird. But hey, most women like lipstick (or Lip Gloss if you prefer) and they are only $13. So it won't break the bank for most people. It's not nearly enough to build a shelter, but it is a start. And who doesn't like a really good lipstick?! Guys, don't answer. ;)

Lipstick really can be more than a lipstick. This video says it all:

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