Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Morning Thoughts and Change......

My goodness it's been too long since I have posted here! We have had some sickness in our household the past week and a half. It started with my 2 year old, then went to me, and so on. That is part of having a large family....when one gets sick, we usually end up passing it around. Anyway, I finally started feeling better this past Fri. once I had been on antibiotic for awhile. My oldest woke up this morning sick, yuck! I'm SO over this. I think we need some warm weather and sunshine!

I have had a lot going on with MK, which is awesome. I've been on the lookout for new ways to give back. It's hard for me because I see someone that needs help and I just wish I had all the money in the world so I could help them. Everywhere I look there is need. Seriously. Just in the blogging world alone, you could spend all day going from blog to blog to read about different stories and how they are crying out to God for help. I want to be able to help them all. It breaks my heart. I really run across something new almost every day. And then of course there is the devastation in Haiti. But they were in plenty of need before all of this. As is a lot of this world that we all live in. I really feel like change is coming for my family. An opportunity to step out and do something to really make a difference in people's lives. I really hope that is the case. I have been feeling like that for several months and I hope that this feeling is something that comes to pass.

I met a wonderful lady a few weeks ago who is the president and founder of a fabulous ministry. It's called Angels On Assignment and she started it 15 years ago to help single mothers in need. This hits close to home for me as I used to be a single mother of 3 boys when my ex-husband left us. I know the struggle, the exhaustion that comes with that. She actually gave me her business card when we met and I had no idea what her ministry was about. All the next week, I kept having this thought to call her and ask her to tell me about her ministry. I finally did and we sat and talked for almost an hour. It was and is amazing what this precious lady is doing. I told her that I would love to do an event to help her raise money. So, we are currently in the works with that. There is even a place here local to me that houses single moms and their children and helps them get back on their feet. We are going to schedule a day of pampering for them where I can go in and give them all facials and gifts. I know from experience that as a single mom, you rarely think about yourself. Much less getting a facial and time to relax. I am SO thrilled about this. This is why I wanted to do this business. To help people and bring joy in some way to anyone I can.

Well friends, thank you for reading and being so supportive. I appreciate it more than you know! I also wanted to let you know that from now through Friday (the 12th) I have my Miracle Sets on sale!! I'm offering all of you a $30 gift certificate towards your Miracle Set!! That means you will only pay $60!! WOW! And it will last you 3 months or longer! You can't beat that. Trust me! Anyone who places an order on my website or emails me to place an order, I will adjust the price for you to only $60!! DON'T WAIT! You won't want to miss out on this!!! Click here to place your order now or email me. Have a fabulous day!!


  1. That is wonderful! I know you have been wanting to help others and this is perfect. It gives the single moms a little pick me up.

    How did the appointment with Monica's Bridal go?

  2. It went great! I have so many good things going on right now with MK, it's amazing. I never knew when I signed up that it was going to be this awesome! Thank you for asking. =)