Monday, January 25, 2010


I can't begin to express how heavy my heart is for the people in Haiti. It is something that just stays with me throughout my day. The government in Haiti has raised the confirmed death toll to 150,000 people and they expect it to keep rising. I sat on my couch this morning drinking my cup of coffee and thought to myself, "What if it was you?" "What if it was YOUR child that was trapped beneath piles of concrete, unable to get out?" I sat and cried for them. For all the moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and children that have lost their loved ones or are waiting to see if they will find them alive. I know that it seems as if one person can't make a difference. We all think that. We think, well what difference will it make if I give my $10 or my $50, etc? It DOES make a difference. We can help save someones life. Give them food, water, shelter. Something. And even if your donation helps just one person, isn't it worth it to help that one person? My husband and I are donating at least $100 this week. This is money that I have set aside to help grow my business. It's not a lot. It's not a lot for even growing my business. But it will help someone and we want to give it. Please consider doing the same. And I know everyone is not in the place right now to give $100 or more. But $10? $10 is something that most of us can do. And can you imagine if even half of everyone in America were to give at least $10? What that would accomplish? It would make a BIG difference for a lot of people. And no, it won't fix everything. I know that Haiti needs billions of dollars. But they certainly could be better off than where they are now. And we can help get them there. There are plenty of ways that we can all donate. I will list a few sites here for you. One of which I will be donating to myself. You can also Google "help Haiti" and a ton of sites for different organizations will come up for you to donate to. It's easy and quick and it will make a HUGE difference in this horrible situation that the people of Haiti are in right now. Wouldn't you want someone to help you?

You can go to Compassion's Website to grab a banner to post on your website that will direct people to give online. Or you can make your donation to them online. Or do both.

There is also Operation Compassion - A ministry of blessing. I found this organization through my local church.

If you don't feel led to donate to one of these 2 organizations, please click on the above link for Help Haiti and it will take you to where you can donate online through the Clinton/Bush Haiti Fund. Or research it yourself and find something that you are comfortable with. Just find somewhere you can give to help Haiti in this desperate time that they are in. And my prayer is that as time goes on, we won't forget them. That we will remember them in our prayers and hopefully, donate again. If we all pull together, we can make a HUGE difference in these precious people's lives.

*At this time, all my profit will go to help Haiti. Please know that is where my heart is right now. I have also found another fabulous organization that I'm partnering with here local to me. I will share with you about that soon. But for now, Haiti needs our help. So that is where I will focus.*

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